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Industry hurries to finalise SOLAS preparations

The ocean freight industry is finalising preparations for the enforcement of new SOLAS rules that will mean every container must be weighed before it is loaded onto a ship. Ports and organisations have been introducing schemes and weighing systems to meet the new rules when they come into force on 1st July.

 Industry hurries to finalise SOLAS preparations

Container weighing system installed at multi-lane auto-gates at The Port of Liverpool

This comes after TT Club said many companies would be well prepared for the new law, but that those who are not are ‘in increasing danger of incurring commercial cost and delay, and may faced regulatory censure as well’.

In response to the International Maritime Organisation’s Circular which urged a ‘practical and pragmatic’ enforcement of the rules over the first three months, TT Club said ‘the IMO approach should protect those who try to comply; it is no comfort for those who seek to ignore or circumvent the law.’

3PL Damco is launching a global weighing and filing service – which includes the management of submitting the weight to the carrier.

Simone Kraal, Damco’s global ocean operations manager, said: “Though simple in concept, full SOLAS compliance is potentially complex with different allowable methods of weighing and varying requirements as to when VGM has to be submitted to the carriers. In addition, in some countries local regulations go beyond the bare bones of the new law. We’re therefore happy that the solutions launched today can be tuned to each customer’s specific requirements and diverse logistics landscapes.”

 Industry hurries to finalise SOLAS preparations

Port of Felixstowe container weighing

Peel Ports has recently introduced an in-port container weighing system which has been installed at multi-lane auto-gates at The Port of Liverpool – it will also be introduced at Glasgow (Greenock) and Dublin.

Marine Transport International, alongside Black Swan which specialises in Big Data, has created a software combined with 24/7 operational support which ‘will respond to the many eventualities posed by the new regulations’.

“Our software is designed to minimize disruption for organisation who can create their own ecosystems to match their specific needs while taking control of the VGM process, driving efficiencies and ensuring timely compliance within the various jurisdictions around the world,” said Jody Cleworth, Marine Transport International.

Earlier on this year, DP World, which operates London Gateway and Southampton, set out plans for an integrated container weighing service and launched a web site to provide shippers with information. The Port of Felixstowe has also put in place a container weighing service for UK shippers.

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