Saturday 6th Jun 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Iran transport requests ‘pouring in’, says DSV

DSV expects there to be a massive interest in shipping goods to and from Iran following the decision of the United States to lift sanctions.

The logistics company said that while most restrictions still apply to Iran related shipments in the US, requests for transports to, from and via Iran are ‘already pouring in all over the world’.

DVS said that with ‘the supporting process regulations in place, DSV is ready to go’. It highlighted that because there have been such ‘heavy sanctions imposed by the US since 1979’ and the UN from 2006 – ‘Iran is a virtually untapped consumer market’.

DVS said that the EU and UN have led the way by removing nearly all financial sanctions against Iran. It also said that a number of significant sanctions have remained concerning weapons, aerospace products, dual use produces and the nuclear industry.

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