Wednesday 21st Oct 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Kingfisher appoints new supply chain officer

Kingfisher, the group behind B&Q and Screwfix, has appointed Arja Taaveniku as chief offer & supply chain officer.

She will join Kingfisher in early May after 22 years with the IKEA Group, including 13 years at IKEA of Sweden, working in various senior roles involved in developing, managing and supplying the global IKEA product range. Since 2012 she has been CEO of the Ikano Group.

The move is part of a plan by Kingfisher’s new CEO Véronique Laury to reorganise the business, after a strategy review concluded that “Kingfisher’s position and prospects in the attractive European home improvement market were strong, but that the business needs to be organised very differently to deliver the full potential of ‘ONE’ Kingfisher”.

The group will maintain a multi-format structure with businesses across ‘Big Box’, ‘Medium Box’ and ‘Omnichannel’* formats. “However, being omnichannel everywhere is a given,” it said.

But it plans to unify activities and standardise processes. “Currently there are few shared processes within Kingfisher and the sharing of infrastructure is limited. There is also no standardised operating model, which means, for example, that our Brico Dépôt businesses in France, Spain, Romania and Portugal operate in different ways.”

The changes will involve closing some 60 B&Q stores over the next two years as well as “right-sizing” six more. This will lead to an exceptional charge of some £350m.

Kingfisher is also appointing three operations directors to its leadership team:

Guy Colleau, currently CEO, group sourcing & offer and former CEO of Castorama France, will become operations director for big box (B&Q, Castorama, Koçtaş).

Alain Souillard, currently CEO, Brico Dépôt International will become operations director for medium box (Brico Dépôt).

Steve Willett, currently CEO, group productivity & development will become omnichannel operations director (Screwfix) as well taking the role of chief digital & IT officer.

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