Wednesday 23rd Sep 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Maersk and JF Hillebrand form sustainability partnership

Maersk and JF Hillebrand have formed a sustainability partnership by signing the Carbon Pact. The signed document outlines the companies ambition to reduce the impact from JF Hillebrand’s shipments with Maersk Line.

JF Hillebrand is an international service provider specialising in the logistics of beer, wine and spirits.

Both companies aim to reduce CO2 emissions per container moved by 20 per cent until 2025, as well as promote transparency & benchmarking in container shipping and push for further promotion of sustainable transport solutions.

“As an enabler and facilitator of global trade and economic development, Maersk Line is committed to conducting our business in a responsible manner, respecting the wider economic, social and environmental impact of our activities,” said Mads Stensen, senior sustainability advisor, Maersk Line. “Our ambition is to propel our customers’ ambitions and help them meet their business objectives with the lowest possible environmental footprint.”

Bruno Cornaille, head of sustainable development at JF Hillebrand: “Sustainable transport is crucial for us and JF Hillebrand aims to be at the forefront of sustainable international logistics services for the beer, wine and spirits (BWS) industry in which we operate. We continue to make strides in reducing our own environmental impact as climate change is a global issue”.

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