Monday 21st Sep 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Mail more valued that email, finds Royal Mail

Experiments by Royal Mail found people value something 24 per cent more highly when they can see and touch it compared to when they can see only.

And 55 per cent of those in the study by Royal Mail MarketReach said that mail gives them a better impression of the company compared to 25 per cent for email. In addition, 57 per cent of respondents said that receiving mail makes them feel more valued while only 17 per cent said the same for email.

The research has been done to support Royal Mail’s direct mail services. A campaign, devised by Publicis Chemistry, has been created to promote the findings of the study looking at how people interact with mail, called Mail in the Heart. The campaign targets over 9,000 marketers and agencies.

The findings are part of an 18-month research programme, The Private Life of Mail, which brings together insight into the role of mail in people’s homes, hearts and heads, plus the impact this has on advertisers’ ROI.

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