Friday 18th Sep 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

NewCold opens US automated cold store

Dutch cold logistics specialist NewCold is opening a $50 million automated cold store in Tacoma, Washington – its first foray into the US market.

NewCold is working with Trident Seafoods, its first major US client. The warehouse, is expected to be operational in the middle of the year.

Jonas Swarttouw, business development manager said that automation became the solution for NewCold’s European operations in response to “increased labour, land and energy costs”. Businesses in the US are now facing the same pressures at a time when customers are demanding faster and more efficient shipping options, he said.

NewCold is building a European network of large scale cold stores to serve frozen food producing companies over the country borders. In Europe it has cold stores in Argentan in France, Rheine in Germany, Wakefield in the UK, and Kutno in Poland. The company is also planning to extend its cold store with 87,500 pallet locations to reach a total storage capacity of over 143,000 pallets with frozen food produce. It is also working on two projects in Melbourne, Australia.

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