Friday 27th Nov 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Nissan wants UK to remain in the European Union

Motor manufacturer Nissan has made it clear that it believes that the UK should stay with the European Union. The company employs 8,000 people directly, and a further 32,000 indirectly through dealerships and its supply chain.

Carlos Ghosn, chairman and CEO of Nissan.

Carlos Ghosn, chairman and CEO of Nissan.

In a statement on the EU referendum which is due to take place on Thursday 23rd June, Nissan chairman and CEO Carlos Ghosn said: “We are a global business with a strong presence in Europe. We have a rich heritage in the UK with 30 years of manufacturing and engineering presence, and remain committed to building and engineering cars in the country. Last year we produced more than 475,000 vehicles in the UK – 80 per cent of which are exported.

“Our preference as a business is, of course, that the UK stays within Europe – it makes the most sense for jobs, trade and costs. For us, a position of stability is more positive than a collection of unknowns.

“However, this is ultimately a matter for the British people to decide.”

Nissan made it clear that it would not be pro-actively supporting any political campaign in the run up to the EU referendum.

“While we remain committed to our existing investment decisions, we will not speculate on the outcome nor what would happen in either scenario.” Sais Ghosn.

“We obviously want the Nissan UK plant and engineering centre to remain as competitive as possible when compared with other global entities, and each future investment opportunity will be taken on a case by case basis, just as it is now.”

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