Wednesday 30th Sep 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Nordfrost and Stef form frozen food alliance

Nordfrost and Stef have formed a pan-European, frozen food logistics alliance. The partnership will generate a new international logistics network with wide coverage of warehousing and transport capacities in the frozen food sector.

Nordfrost, based in Germany, is an international operating company for frozen food logistics. Stef is a cold chain logistics company operating across Europe, and a leader in France.

The combined network includes: 82 frozen food warehouses, 1.3 million frozen food pallet storage spaces, and a dedicated fleet of 3,500 refrigerated vehicles.

“Our common goal with Nordfrost is to create a unique pan-European storage and transport network for frozen foods,” said Serge Capitaine, deputy executive officer at Stef. “This partnership with a first-rate company will allow Stef to strengthen its presence in German-speaking countries and thus offer its customers logistics solutions for the distribution of their frozen food products in Germany.

“With the increase in the shipping volume of Nordfrost, we will also reinforce our position as leading logistics provider from Germany to the west and south of Europe.”

Horst Bartels, company founder and chairman of the board at Nordfrost said: “Thanks to this alliance, Nordfrost will expand its field of operation in frozen food logistics to all of Europe to the benefit of its customers. We believe to have found a suitable partner in STEF, which has as important a position in frozen food logistics as NORDFROST and is also very active in fresh food logistics. Fresh food logistics is currently only 15% of Nordfrost’s business. Whether the newly founded alliance with Stef will boost the fresh food activities of Nordfrost will depend on further considerations.”

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