Tuesday 20th Oct 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Oracle expands functionality of SCM Cloud

Oracle has expanded its Supply Chain Management Cloud application to provide a range on new functions including supplier collaboration, quality management, maintenance, sales and operations planning, demand management, and supply planning, as well as expansions across existing solutions.

The latest release of Oracle SCM Cloud, part of Oracle Cloud Applications Release 13, includes six new applications.

Jon S Chorley, chief sustainability officer and group vice president of supply chain management product strategy, said: “Oracle SCM Cloud is built from the ground up for the cloud to support current and future business challenges. These enhancements go broader and deeper, demonstrating our commitment to supply chain excellence, which includes delivering the visibility, insights and capabilities organisation need to successfully balance supply and demand across increasingly complex global supply chains.”

The six new products are:

* Oracle S&OP Cloud: Executes strategy consistently with enterprise-wide alignment and visibility for growth and profitability.

* Oracle Demand Management Cloud: Enables organisation to achieve business objectives by optimizing new product introductions, improving decision making and synchronizing cross-functional demand plans.

* Oracle Supply Planning Cloud: Adapts to fluctuating demand with the ability to plan for multiple manufacturing and fulfilment strategies in real time, including planning global supply chain activities, monitoring and prioritizing problem areas, and evaluating and executing the actions that will have the greatest impact

* Oracle Supply Chain Collaboration Cloud: Supports increased business velocity by enabling organisation to plan, manage and collaborate with suppliers and contract manufacturers more efficiently.

* Oracle Quality Management Cloud: Delivers product quality to protect organizations’ brands with the combination of collection, analysis and action.

* Oracle Maintenance Cloud: Enables improved return on capital and lower costs with the ability to better maintain enterprise assets.

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