Thursday 22nd Oct 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Oracle puts transport and trade management in the cloud

Oracle has launched cloud-based version of its Transport Management and Global Trade Management applications.

Derek Gittoes, vice president, value chain execution product strategy at Oracle, said the move reflected the demand for cloud-based versions of these applications. Demand was coming from companies of all sizes, he said.

He highlighted the fact that the cloud versions contained all the functionality of the existing on-premises versions – they are not cut-down versions, he said.

Oracle Transport Management and Oracle Global Trade Management have long demonstrated their ability to deliver strong ROI and enhanced customer experiences, and are recognise as industry-leading solutions. With this announcement, companies can now leverage the advantages of cloud to achieve these same benefits without compromise, while also accelerating deployment timelines, reducing IT capital costs, and controlling their long-term cost of ownership.”

Oracle will continue to offer on-premises versions alongside the cloud versions.

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