Thursday 1st Oct 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Poor transparency in the fashion supply chain

Fashion brands are doing poorly when it comes to transparency in the supply chain, according to figures from the Fashion Transparency Index by Fashion Revolution.

The index, scored by percentage points from lowest to highest (0-10per cent being the lowest transparency group, and 91 per cent the highest group), found that the fashion brands with the highest levels of transparency are: Adidas (49 per cent), Reebok (49 per cent), Marks & Spencer, (48 per cent) H&M (48 per cent), Puma (46 per cent), Banana Republic (46 per cent), Gap (46 per cent), and Old Navy (46 per cent).

The lowest scoring category (0-10 per cent) had the highest group number. Some of the lowest scoring companies included: Abercrombie & Fitch (10 per cent), American Eagle (10 per cent), Ralph Lauren (9 per cent), Amazon (9 per cent) Calzedonia (9 per cent), and Claire’s accessories (3 per cent).

Dior, Helian Home, and s.Oliver all scored 0 per cent.

 The index used a rating methodology to show brands’ disclosure in five areas: policy & commitments (weighting 20 per cent) , governance (5 per cent), traceability (34 per cent), supplier assessment and remediation (30 per cent) and spotlight issues ( covering business model, living wages, unions and collective bargaining, at 11 per cent).

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