Wednesday 25th Nov 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Port of Dover buys port services from George Hammond

The Port of Dover has bought the port services division of George Hammond for its wider port business. Sam Stewart will oversee the new business.

“These are exciting times with work on the Dover Western Docks Revival underway,” said Tim Waggott, chief executive, Port of Dover. “The project is the single biggest investment ever undertaken by the Port of Dover with over £200 million committed to deliver the first phase.

“I and my fellow Directors of Port of Dover Cargo Limited, Barbara Buczek and Shaun Pottage, would like to thank James and John Ryeland, Paul Lee, and everyone from George Hammond PLC for their support.

“We welcome Sam Stewart to our team and we look forward to working with staff transferring to Port of Dover Cargo Limited to deliver the best of service to all our customers in the future.”

James Ryeland, managing director, George Hammond said: “While it is with some sadness that a chapter in Hammond history has come to an end, the considerable investment in the Dover Western Docks Revival by Dover Harbour Board will pave the way to a new and diverse era in cargo operations.”

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