Sunday 27th Sep 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Portable container weighing scale hits the market

New Zealand based company BISON has invented a portable container weighing scale. The solution arrives in time for the implementation of SOLAS legislation, which requires export containers to be weighed before loading from 1st July.

container+weighing+jacksBISON Weighing Jacks are able to weigh all ISO container types, sizes and weights upto 40,000kg – to an accuracy of ± 25kg. The product is synched with the BISON App, which weighs the container.

With the BISON Weighing Jacks, operators are able to attach, weigh and pack away in under five minutes, according to BISON.

The App also enables operators to check and record the container’s load distribution, capture other useful shipment information and communicate weighing records instantly.

The company is also developing container chassis scales, which will accurately weigh containers on air-suspension chassis, without the need for weighbridge or heavy lift equipment. This product is still awaiting patent.

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