Monday 26th Oct 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Royal Mail launches e-shop in China

Royal Mail has launched its own shop front on Alibaba’s Tmall Global e-marketplace in China. It will offer a selection of products for purchase by well-known British brands including Brompton Bicycles, with delivery to the doorstep.

CEO Moya Greene unveiled the initiative at the GREAT Festival of Creativity in Shanghai. “Online shopping, and the connection it facilitates between retailers and consumers is a key channel to develop sustainable trade between China and Britain and we are excited at the prospect of offering UK companies a new and streamlined way to increase the accessibility of their products to Chinese consumers,” she said.

China is now the biggest overseas consumer of British products online, accounting for 25 per cent of overseas online shoppers purchasing goods from the UK.

alibabaTmallBrompton CEO Will Butler-Adams said: “We are excited about the opportunity to sell a range of Brompton Bicycles on Royal Mail’s new Tmall Global Storefront, which will provide easy access into the China market and a direct connection with Chinese consumers.”

Royal Mail said that almost half China’s internet users – some 302 million people – purchase goods online, with 75 per cent of online shoppers in China buying products every week. Online shopping now accounts for just over ten per cent of total retail sales of consumer goods in China, with the majority of online purchases being made through e-marketplaces, like Tmall and Taobao.

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