Wednesday 30th Sep 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

SNCF unveils digital freight train

SNCF Logistics has unveiled a digital freight train that provides real-time geo-locations as well as monitoring of the wagons and the condition and security of the goods carried.

The French rail operator has worked with Traxǝns to create the system which allows tailor-made monitoring services to be offered to customers relevant to transport conditions on specific sensitive goods, for instance for pressure or hygrometry inside the wagons.

With dry bulk (cereals, granulates, etc.) transported in hopper wagons, remote-controlled opening and closing of the side or axial flaps will facilitate loading and unloading on industrial sites.

SNCF believes the technology, which is based on that used for maritime containers, will be the catalyst for the reinvention of rail freight, which will be more modern, efficient and safe.

The connected box developed by SNCF Logistics and Traxǝns is an open solution accessible to all freight players.

The system was unveiled at the Transport and Logistics Show in Munich. SNCF plans to offer the service to customers from the second half of 2017.

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