Thursday 1st Oct 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Sogefi renews Ceva contract

Sogefi, the specialist automotive supplies business, has awarded Ceva a three-year contract renewal in Spain.

Ceva will continue to handle, receipt, storage, order picking, shipment preparation and spare parts delivery to customers. These activities were previously handled at the Ceva Logistics Centre in Barcelona, however they have now moved to Ceva’s multi-user hub near Madrid.

“Ceva has been offering to Sogefi over the past seven years,” said Marco Galbusera, managing director, Ceva Iberia. “Sogefi’s trust in Ceva has been growing every year and the decision to move the operations to our multi-user hub in the centre of Spain, will allow Sogefi’s goods to be closer to their main customers in this region.”

Sogefi general manager in Spain, Matilde Raso said: “Sogefi pursues continuous improvement to optimise service and evolve towards integrated logistics with major partners.

For this reason we continue the partnership with Ceva, that we experienced to be committed towards excellence and towards solutions. It allows us to ensure Zero-Defect processes that rely both on best practices and accurate planning.”

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