Friday 18th Sep 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

SSI Schaefer completes beverage DC in Germany

SSI Schaefer has completed the development of a large beverage distribution centre in Germany for A. Kempf Getränkegroßhandel, a subsidiary of Edka Südwest. The new site includes a combination of manual and fully automated picking systems.

SSI Schaefer completes construction of new German DC.Kempf Getränkegroßhandel provides beverage services for Edeka’s wider food retailing operations in the south west of Germany.

SSI Schaefer constructed the entire facility, including system engineering, training for employees and outdoor facilities – the development took 21 months.

“… we were able to put the new logistics centre into operation 11 weeks before the agreed completion date,” said the division manager at A. Kempf Getränkegroßhandel’s new site. “It was an extremely successful project in terms of the results, planning, smooth running and efficiency of the system.”

The site is able to handle 160,000 full and empty beverage crates on a daily basis. The facility includes a 17-aisle high bay warehouse and a six aisle automated miniload system with tray storage locations. As well as this, it has implemented an electric monorail system, gantry robots for depalletising and branch-specific assembly of order pallets with fast movers.

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