Wednesday 30th Sep 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Syngenta picks DHL for 4PL contract

Syngenta, which makes insecticides and fungicides, has chosen DHL Freight to provide a fourth party logistics service sourcing transport activities.

This includes defining transport demands, tendering and contracting, to on-boarding new logistics partners, monitoring the currently running operations and trade flows and driving continuous improvement measures.

Syngenta, which is based in Basel, Switzerland, is implementing a logistics model, designed to improve agility while leveraging scale.

“Syngenta’s logistics strategy is designed to leverage the logistics expertise of our partners,” said Marion Matthewman, head of Syngenta Global Logistics. “I believe through working in partnership with DHL, both companies will benefit from this relationship”.

DHL rolled out the first wave of the project in four months. This consisted of setting up a 4PL solution scalable for the future with the objective to harmonise processes, increase shipment and cost visibility, and continuously improve Syngenta’s supply chain. It is now working on the second phase of the project.

It expects to complete the full roll-out out by 2018.

During the course of the collaboration, DHL will manage for the customer trade flows encompassing over 150,000 shipments annually.

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