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What happened to Apple?

This is the time of year that I normally get to write: “Apple tops Gartner supply chain rankings”. But not this year. What is going on?

Apple tops supply chain rankings

Apple has again topped the Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 followed by McDonalds and Amazon. But after that there are two newcomers to the Top 5 – Unilever at number 4 and Intel at 5.

Apple opens up

Apple terminated business with one of its suppliers last year for repeated human right violations at its plant – and it is working with another repeat offender to correct its human rights practices

Supply chain wizard takes over at Apple

Apple’s new chief executive Tim Cook has built a reputation as a supply chain wizard – not only with Apple but also with IBM and Compaq

Ground-breaking Apple tops supply chain ranking

Apple has topped the AMR Reseach Top 25 Supply Chains for the third year in a row. AMR said Apple had broken new ground in the area of transforming its supply chain into a value chain, starting with the consumer experience and designing its network to ser

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