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UK could focus on emerging markets post-Brexit

The UK could try to boost its economy through trade with emerging markets if it is unable to preserve the basic outlines of its current relationship with European Union trading partners, according to Agility’s Mid-Year Emerging Markets Review.

Time to press industry’s case on Brexit

Neutral observers must be thinking that British prime ministers have some kind of death wish. First we had David Cameron calling a referendum that he never needed to, losing, and then having to resign.

Brexit talks to start next month

The first formal Brexit meeting between EU and UK negotiators could take place in the week starting 19th June, according to chief EU negotiator Michel Barnier.

Brexit: companies set to sever European ties

Many businesses are preparing to sever supply chain ties between the UK and the EU to avoid Brexit tariffs, according to survey of 2,111 supply chain managers by the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply.

Happy days…

All the talk about Brexit might be expected to have shaken business confidence but all the evidence so far is that demand for supply chain professionals is actually increasing.

EU rejects parallel talks on UK withdrawal and future relationship

The European Union will not start talking about a post-Brexit trade deal with the UK until there has been “substantial progress” on how the UK is to leave the union, according to a resolution passed by the European Parliament setting out the negotiating position.

UK goods shouldn’t be burdened with red tape, says FTA

The government must ensure that UK goods are not burdened with red tape as it negotiates the UK’s exit from the European Union, the Freight Transport Association said in its submission ahead of the Autumn Statement which is due on 23rd November.

European Logistics & Supply Chain Conference

Brexit: The only certainty, is uncertainty

Four industry leaders took on the challenge of analysing the impact of the UK leaving the European Union, on the first day of the European Logistics & Supply Chain Conference in Brussels.

Industry pushes for Brexit meetings with PM

The FTA and RHA have both called for meetings with new prime minister Theresa May to discuss future Brexit negotiations and their impact on the logistics industry.

Government fails again on airport capacity

The Brexit vote was always going to create uncertainty. There is already evidence of companies delaying investment decisions. But perhaps the most high profile casualty so far is the expansion of airport capacity in the South East of the UK.

Industry ready for Brexit, says Ward

Logistics leaders are rolling up their sleeves to meet the challenges of Brexit, according to UKWA chief Peter Ward after he chaired a session at the 3PL Conference that looked at the impact of the referendum decision.

Brexit: agility and resilience will be critical

The UK’s vote to leave the European Union has sent shockwaves around the world. It was unexpected by most observers and has created an immense amount of uncertainty about the impact on organisations and their supply chains.

No Brexit plan for logistics industry

No Brexit plan for logistics industry

Fewer than one in five logistics organisations had a post-Brexit plan in case the UK voted to leave the European Union, a Logistics Manager survey has revealed.

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