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How collaboration trimmed truck travel by 204m miles

Times are changing: it is now possible to see vehicles blazoned with advertising for Nestlé’s Kit Kat, loading up with supplies of United Biscuits’ Hobnobs and Jaffa cakes. The era of collaboration really is with us

Rolling the clouds away

Cloud computing is making its presence felt, but which applications best suit this approach?

Many happy recalls and returns

Companies have become increasingly liberal in their returns policies but have they got the balance right?

Improving forecast accuracy

The ancient Chinese curse "may you live in interesting times" now afflicts everyone Involved in the supply chain.

Sick and tired

Unwieldy and inefficient healthcare supply chains are on the operating table. Implanting auto ID technologymay be a life saving procedure.

Time to talk

Since IBM bought out its first mainframe, user conferences have been a feature of the technology business. In the early days they were serious gatherings at which men in white shirts with rows of pens in their top pockets read the runes of the latest prod

People before profits

Corporate social responsibility is the new bottom line in business but how can logisticians get a handle on it in an often contradictory business environment?

An Eco-Waste of Effort

A European directive intended to cut waste is proving to be inefficient and close to impossible to administer – wasteful, in a word. John Lamb

Less Hot Air

As environmental issues move up the corporate agenda, logistics companies are turning to technology to help them and their customers reduce the amount of carbon dioxide they emit.

Visible assets

Technology could mitigate the effects of a bird flu pandemic by providing more visibility in the global supply chain.

Oil’s well

Oil bonanza may benefit the supply chain. By John Lamb

SOA – so what?

Services oriented architecture could make access to software simpler, but is the retail industry interested?

Dirty data

Let’s clean IT up. By John Lamb

Small wonders

Crumbs for the software small fry after shake out. By John Lamb

The Italian renaissance

The creative element will be important in modernising Italian business practices. By John Lamb

Slow road to RFID

Big players must work together for the benefits of tagging to be realised.

Divided nations

Supply chain automation can facilitate international trade but cultural barriers between countries still stand tall. By John Lamb

You spy

Unions are worried about picking technology dehumanising workers.

Trace elements

Counting the cost of Sudan 1 to the European foodstuffs supply chain.

Know it all

The GS1 UK Data Pool will allow the sharing of product information between supply chain partners.

Counting the cost of returns

Companies should incorporate accounting systems that identify the cost of returns to bring home the sobering figures to directors.

That synching feeling

Retailers and manufacturers are redrafting Sod’s Law (if something can go wrong it will) by reducing the inaccuracies in electronic product data that plague the consumer goods supply chain.

Is RFID really off its trolley?

Players may be struggling to get their heads around RFID and its associated costs and benefits but there’s no need to call for the straightjacket just yet.

First off the grid

Grid computing, a new way of sharing computer resources, is making an impact on supply chain applications.

The virus that got so big

Do you know how the Sobig F computer virus affected your supply chain? If you missed it, don't worry - the new version is due out this month.

High-tech hubris

Many IT managers make such a hash of supply chain IT investments that their companies can suffer.

Technology can still baffle

When IT integration is fully understood, major savings are possible. But, as ICI’s recent experience shows, it is not always fully understood.

The links effect

It can link IT applications in real time. It could bring real transparency to the supply chain. It might also make you feel very insecure. It’s Web Services.

Outsourcing your problems

The ten years since Logistics Europe first appeared have been a period of breakneck advances in the use of IT in the supply chain. So what’s the next big thing?

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