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Culture shock

It dominates your social thinking, your moral thinking and your character altogether. Get it wrong and it could damage your business

Being world class

Continuous improvement is the way Philip Morris does business, constantly looking for new ways to do things better and quicker. And it’s proved to be an award-winning approach

Time to have more of a voice in strategy making

Globalisation is starting to produce economic and political pressures – unemployment, social problems, sustainability dilemmas and so on – that will have an impact on supply chains in the years ahead

Survival chain

Pressing the flesh is particularly important in the supply chain where making connections lies at the heart of the business.

Global poser

Is the headlong rush to globalisation coming to an end? New research suggests that concern over carbon footprints could be having an impact on global strategies.

Blowing bubbles

Is the world about to experience a commodity price bubble? And, if it does, what will this mean for the supply chain?

Ashes to ashes

Just-in-time supply chains are vulnerable to disasters like the Icelandic volcano but there are solutions.

Looking to the east

So, we've waved a fond farewell to the Noughties. (Come to think of it, not such a fond one considering the decade contained two recessions.) What will the next decade bring for supply chains?

Rules of engagement

When economic belts tighten, the business rules of engagement change

Culture clash

I broke my glasses the other day. The optician told me it would take two weeks to get a replacement part from the Italian maker. Two weeks? I can order a book from the US and receive it two days later.

Counting the IT risks

A pleasingly unround total of 11 areas of technology risk face companies according to a recent report

Retail detail

Retailers must get a better grip on their returns handling systems and their understanding of demand if they want to beat the internet upstarts.

On the move

How logistics pros can become the champions of modernity in business by harnessing the power of mobile technology.

Of eggs and baskets…

Given recent political trends it’s time companies started to think about the risks of putting so much of their businesses’ stock in one or two places. Peter Bartram

Brought to Book

Traditional retailers can fend off their internet rivals if they learn to work with web technology in a way that helps enrich ‘shopper experience’. RFID can help with this too.

Ship shape

Changes are afoot that could cut freight costs on the ocean wave. By Peter Bartram

Go to jail

Logistics professionals could face international prosecutions. By Peter Bartram

Big ideas

Senior logistics managers should be creative in their thinking. By Peter Bartram

Building BRICs

Brazil, Russia, India and China will need logistics expertise if they are to develop their economic potential. By Peter Bartram

The tangled web…

If you’re going to sell on the web, you’d better avoid getting in a tangle. By Peter Bartram

It’s catching

If bird flu strikes, logistics will catch a cold.

The shocking truth

The oil price shock means firms must now focus on fleet management.

Guns before butter

A recent African conference focussed on the continent’s supply chain – in the field of defence. By Peter Bartram

Back trouble

Handling returns is set to become more troublesome for more companies.

Spam and chips

Email is now a central tool in supply chain management and deserves a strategy of its own.

On the board walk

Too many logistics professionals find it difficult to develop a directorial dimension.

A Penguin of low repute

Distribution problems at publisher, Penguin, have caused knock-on reputational damage. There are lessons here for us all.

Storing up trouble

If Sainsbury’s had focussed on product availability a couple of years ago, its problems wouldn’t be so big today.

The whip hand

Dr Calvin Lee may be right about the ‘bullwhip effect’ on supply chains. But the solution comes down to more management focus on what matters – knowing what customers want.

Takeover targets

If software company takeovers mean firms taking a more tactical view of software used in the supply chain, logistics pros will have gained a double-win. By

Confusion worse confounded

E-invoicing could have been a good idea if each European country had not decided to implement its own protocols.

Do go on

Too many managers think of business continuity in terms of the show-stopper that brings a firm to its knees. But more subtle thinking is needed.

Global slowdown

The move towards global supply chains is being slowed for several reasons.

Outlook: changeable

Is weather forecasting becoming a logistics tool? With the UK Met Office talking about moving from pure weather forecasting to ‘decision advice’, you’d better believe it.

Driven crazy

Bad driving in the logistics industry is dangerous and unacceptable.

Killing time

Focusing on cost reduction doesn’t reduce supply chain time, but focusing on time reduction may reduce supply chain cost.

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