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European Logistics & Supply Chain Conference

Strategies for end-to-end excellence

A stellar line-up of speakers will examine the critical issues in supply chain and logistics at the European Logistics & Supply Chain conference next week.

Can you compete with Matrix APA on procurement?

Dedication and objectivity in striving for transparency won Matrix APA the European Supply Chain Excellence award for Sourcing & Procurement, with the SME fighting off strong competition from the largest provider of cable broadband in Belgium, Telenet.

LSC 2015: cutting edge strategies

Cutting edge supply chain strategies from leading retailers and manufacturers came under scrutiny at the Logistics & Supply Chain Conference in London in March.

Industry leaders tackle critical supply chain issues

Supply chain leaders from retailing and manufacturing will be examining latest developments in theory and practice at the Logistics and Supply Chain Conference which takes place later this month.

GSK explains award-winning supply chain transformation

GlaxoSmithKline cut lead times in its R&D lab supplies operation and more than doubled OTIF through a series of initiatives – and it went on to win not one, but two European Supply Chain Excellence Awards last year

Buyer beware

Have cost-driven purchasing strategies passed their sell by date? Nick Allen looks at the qualities required for a more sophisticated approach to buying

Car makers form community to manage risk

Aston Martin, Jaguar Land Rover and Toyota Motor Europe have formed an automotive community, aimed at creating “collective protection” from supply chain risks

Winning chains under scrutiny

Leading supply chain professionals gathered in London last month for the Extended Supply Chain conference with a programme that included presentations from supply chain award winners

Unlocking value

With greater supply chain risks and increased complexity, do we have the right structures and people in place to realise the potential of intelligent procurement?

Secrets of success

Industry leaders will be sharing the secrets of their success when the Extended Supply Chain conference returns to London next month. We look at what’s in store

Supply chain is the key to sustainable growth

Last month 70 global companies and 27 European business associations, all members of CSR Europe, got together in Brussels to launch Enterprise 2020 - an initiative designed to shape the business contribution to the European Union's Europe 2020 strategy

Deutsche Post DHL sets out CSR achievements

Deutsche Post DHL says it has improved its Carbon Efficiency Index by three points, handled some 1,300 tonnes of relief supplies in earthquake-stricken areas, launched an initiative that helps schools located in socially troubled neighbourhoods, and...

Rules change in the global marketplace

As flexibility, short production runs and responsiveness to market demands become the survival factors for 2010, can global supply chains deliver performance as well as price? By NIck Allen

Extend your vision

Supply chain professionals strive to improve visibility, flexibility and collaboration but how do you bring all the elements into alignment? The Extended Supply Chain conference will be tackling the issue when it takes place on 24th - 25th March at the So

What are you worried about?

Businesses may be more concerned about the risks of outsourcing or off-shoring during these times of recession, but are they worried about the right things?

Recession brings increased focus on collaboration

Two out of three companies are starting to collaborate with their key suppliers as they are being forced to make significant changes to their supply chains as the economic downturn has worsened, according to research by LCP consulting.

Take the green route out of the red

Maurice Dalton, senior vice president at ProLogis Developments, looks at how the green agenda is impacting on warehouse design.

CSR Award Winner 2008: Citysprint

In previous years the judges have been disappointed that few entries emphasised the environmental, sustainability or wider Corporate Social Responsibility aspects of their submissions.

Team of the Year Award Winner 2008: Vodafone

The Team of the Year category is one of the most difficult to assess. Team work can mean very different things to different people. And of course, it would be hard for any supply chain to develop, transform or improve significantly in an environment where

Playing an active role

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an increasingly important aspect of doing business for forward thinking companies. Many organisations are appointing corporate responsibility managers charged with delivering results against environmental policie

KPMG launches Supplier Code of Conduct

Accountancy firm, KPMG, has launched a Supplier Code of Conduct, designed to ensure that the suppliers it does business with adhere to essential ethical and environmental principles.

Uncertainty principle

If supply chain practice ever needs a fashionable rebranding, we could do worse than style ourselves ''risk managers'', for in these economically and politically febrile times, managing and mitigating risk is an increasing part of what we do

Achilles offers carbon footprint program

Suppliers monitoring company, Achilles, is adding to its sustainable procurement services by offering a carbon footprinting program. The program sits with the company’s suite of services designed to help industries manage their risks around issues like co

HP’s blueprint for SC sustainability

PC and printer manufacturer, HP, has published a set of guidelines for multinational companies to promote social and environmental responsibility throughout their global supply chains. Based on a report written with the Danish Commerce and Companies Agenc

The united colours of sourcing

Global sourcing is in danger of being perceived as 'ungreen'. However, it is possible to source from around the world in ways that are both ethical and sustainable, and to economic advantage. But success depends on well thought-out strategies, robust proc

People before profits

Corporate social responsibility is the new bottom line in business but how can logisticians get a handle on it in an often contradictory business environment?

Going lean to be green

Organisations are constantly looking at ways in which to become leaner, greener, and more agile. Employing Lean Principles to streamline a business and support its supply chain is integral to achieving this. Nicky Hartery gives Dell’s perspective on a dir

Sending out an SOS

Italian logisticians take a ‘sustainable’ approach. By Giulio Aguiari

A social conscience

Extension of CSR reporting up the inbound supply chain boosts transparency but raises some tricky questions.

Steve Hilton

‘We can turn CSR into a source of direct commercial advantage,’ says the respected consultant

Countering the costs

Supply chain costs have been falling consistently for many years, but now startling new survey evidence – from a major Europe wide initiative – reveals the specter of rising logistics costs. What can be done to mitigate the situation?

Back and forward

What were the big issues in sourcing and procurement when ‘Logistics Europe’ was first published ten years ago, and what might subsequent trends suggest about the future?

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