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UK music supply chain win for Sony DADC

UK catalogue marketing company, Union Square Music, has awarded Sony DADC a contract to provide supply chain logistics for its UK audio business, which will take place from Sony’s distribution centre in Enfield, North London

Car makers form community to manage risk

Aston Martin, Jaguar Land Rover and Toyota Motor Europe have formed an automotive community, aimed at creating “collective protection” from supply chain risks

Are supply chains still too fragile?

Supply chain risk issues are still causing concern in the US IT industry, according to a new study by BDO, the accounting and consulting organisation. In fact, the concerns have increased in each of the past three years

Tyrell to head Sony DADC riot rebuilding plan

Sony DADC UK has appointed Natasha Tyrrell general manager distribution. She will head a team which has the task of rebuilding the UK supply chain following the fire which destroyed the Enfield distribution centre during the London riots

Semiconductor buffer after earthquake

Semiconductor inventory oversupply has provided a buffer for increased demand following the Japan Disaster, according to the quarterly semiconductor inventory market tracker from iSuppli

Volga Dnepr airlifts supplies to Pakistan

Volga Dnepr has flown two freight shipments of relief aid into Pakistan on behalf of the Japanese Ground Defence Force, after devastating floods hit the region last month

Ashes to ashes

Just-in-time supply chains are vulnerable to disasters like the Icelandic volcano but there are solutions.

Earthquake, flood… and other things

Wars, earthquakes and floods can all cause major disruption to supply chains and it is all too easy to think of supply chain disruption in these terms.

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