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Driving DHL to the top

DHL Supply Chain is embarking on the next phase of its development strategy. John Gilbert, chief executive officer, explains to Malory Davies how the world’s largest logistics provider plans to maintain market leadership.

You want to do so much more…

Richard Hunt has sorted out industrial relations problems in the oil industry, and led a major 3PL. But, as chairman of the London Ambulance Service, he is dealing with some of the toughest logistics challenges around. He talks to Malory Davies.

Ian Midgley, Chief supply chain officer, Unilever

How we respond to the pressures of population growth, energy efficiency, use of water, sustainable agriculture and so on will be the defining challenge for the future. How we do this is not an add-on to our supply chain work – it is our work.

Guy Meisl Head of Logistics, Zavvi Entertainment Group

Guy Meisl is head of logistics at zavvi entertainment group, zavvi being the new name for Virgin Megastores following the 2007 management buyout. The supply chain challenge is to supply zavvi''s shops across the country not only with ''chart-topping'' CDs

Graham Wilkie

Retailers face a torrid time in 2008 but here, Graham Wilkie, supply chain director of PCWorld, explains how the supply chain will help his company meet the challenges ahead – by keeping an eye on the wider picture.

Lisa Dowding – Head of Logistics, Proctor & Gamble UK and Ireland

"My logistics philosophy is that every aspect has to deal with collaboration – with internal suppliers, external suppliers, and with retailers and other customers. There are great opportunities for collaboration – it boils down to relationships and trust.

Birgitte Stalder-Olsen

‘We don’t have too many direct logistics problems,’ says Birgitte Stalder-Olsen.

Mark Barnett

'Our organisation has spent four or five years trying to define and develop what we mean by sustainable development in the supply chain, and we’ve broken the task into three areas - society, the environment, and economics,’ says Mark Barnett, chief operat

Detlef Schultz

Director of Global Supply Chain Management, Vodafone

Roland Dachs

‘The real supply chain opportunity arises when you look over your corporate boundary,’ says the newly installed president of the European Logistics Association

Tarun Patel

Collaboration is paramount if we are to maximise value across the supply chain, says the head of supply chain at the Institute of Grocery Distribution

David Fry

The supply chain could benefit from some manufacturing discipline, says the group logistics director of Oxford University Press

Paul Reilly

‘I want the best answer quickly,’ says the strategy manager, global supply chain at tobacco giant BAT

Niek Visarius

Focus on the ‘three Vs’, says the director of supply chain and customer service EMEA, Rockwell Automation

Richard Downes

We've never been afraid of copying good models from other businesses,' says the vp supply chain for Rexam Beverage Can Europe

Frank Peplinski

‘Anything we do can always be done better,’ says the general manager, supply chain at Electrocomponents

George Hadley

'Managing a business is really about managing the supply chain,' says the global operations director of De La Rue Cash Systems.

Nicky Hartery

'Inventory is bad,' says Dell's vp, EMEA manufacturing and business operations, EMEA, one of the people who oversee the firm's legendary direct to consumer model

Stefano Perego

‘One of the concepts I like most in logistics is flexibility,’ says the logistics director of Rexel UK

Mark Barnett

‘The big thing for us is sustainable logistics,’ says the chief operations officer at the Consortium for Purchasing and Distribution

Phil Streatfield

Supply chain management needs more leaders and role models, says the supply chain director at Entertainment UK

Steve Hilton

‘We can turn CSR into a source of direct commercial advantage,’ says the respected consultant

Alan Waller

Though he claims once to have had a 'real' job with British Steel, the president of the UK's Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport is that rare breed — a career consultant and academic who feels no need to apologise

On reflection

John Allan, Exel’s indefatigable chief executive talks to Nick Allen on challenges in the chain.

Charles Davis

‘Expect to see companies moving production back to Europe,’ says the vice-president at AT Kearney

Graham Ewer

We must ensure that what we tackle we can achieve,’ says Graham Ewer, the new president of the European Logistics Association

Joseph Senné

‘We are so poor in Europe, there is a complete lack of understanding of logistics,’ says the European distribution director for Columbia Sportswear Europe

Kim Cartledge

‘Water is heavy’, says the supply chain director for water worldwide at foods company Danone

Anna Cusmano

‘Safety is the major concern for us, and it should be for everyone in logistics and supply chain,’ says the logistics manager Europe for BP’s lubricants business.

Daniel Nabarro

‘We are using technology to offer the same experience worldwide,’ says the chairman of internet shopping success,

Stephen Hunter

Logistics is about doing simple things well, says the IT and logistics director of Nisa-Today’s

Antonio Tejón

‘I am an agent of change’ says Danone’s supply chain director, Southern Europe

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