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The Human Factor

Recruitment of warehouse staff is an on-going issue, together with that of retention. We asked a group of leading supply chain professionals for their views on creating an environment that allows warehouse staff to perform to the best of their ability, at our round table sponsored by Honeywell. Click here to download the article.

You can’t leave a $400m aircraft sitting idle

Efficient logistics operations are critical to manufacturing high value equipment, and getting it wrong can be very expensive. A panel of industry leaders examined the challenges at our round table sponsored by Unipart.

The challenge of complexity

The development of omni-channel retail is dramatically increasing the complexity of logistics systems. So we challenged a group of leading logisticians to explain how they are mastering this complexity, at a round table sponsored by Honeywell.

How can 3PLs meet the challenge of changing markets?

Third party logistics providers are facing rapidly changing markets as a result of the development of multi-channel in retailing and the globalisation of supply chains. The challenge is to align service offerings to these developments. And that was the question facing a team of third party logisticians in our round table sponsored by Vocollect, part […]

Making the most of supply chain data

The importance of real-time data in logistics has been highlighted by the growth of home delivery. And managing that data is a challenge for logistics professionals, as industry leaders made clear at our round table sponsored by Blackbay. Click on logo to download a PDF of the article.

E-commerce gives logistics a voice at the top table

How do you configure a retail logistics operation to make the most of the opportunities available with e-commerce – and provide the flexibility and agility to handle changes in the future? That was the question facing a team of retail experts in our round table sponsored by Vocollect, part of Honeywell International Inc.

Talking texts

The ubiquity of the smartphone and the rapid development of omni-channel retail has put mobile communications back into the limelight, but the uses for mobile and text communications goes far beyond the final mile.

Meeting the e-tail challenge

The growth of online shopping is causing a rethink of logistics strategies in the retail sector. And our panel of leading retailers and logistics providers had some very clear views on what needs to happen in our round table sponsored by SEGRO

Towers of strength

The complexity of modern supply chains is encapsulated in the WTO concept of ‘Made in the World’. Maintaining visibility of complex extended supply chains and the role of control towers were central to a round table discussion

It’s all about flexibility

Supply chain professionals face daunting challenges in terms of optimising supply chains, reducing costs and saving on emissions. It led to a vigorous discussion when we asked a group of leading supply chain professionals to consider some of the key issues at a round table sponsored by DP World London Gateway. Click on the logo […]

A perfect order

One definition is the right product in the right quantity from the right source to the right destination in the right condition at the right time with the right documentation for the right cost. An awful lot of rights, and possibly not an awful lot of pro

Innovative partner networks

Industry leaders focused on the critical issues of creating and managing effective supply chain partner networks at the latest Supply Chain Standard Round Table, sponsored by Wesupply.

Balancing risk

Two major humanitarian disasters - the Burmese cyclone and the Chinese earthquake - provided a sombre backdrop to ''Supply Chain Standard''s Roundtable discussion on supply chain risk. But as Dave Food, business development director from the meeting's

Getting to grips with collaboration

For an older generation, ''collaboration'' has a sinister sound. But in the modern, dispersed and globalised supply chain, collaboration, up and down the chain, or even with apparent competitors, may be desirable or even essential

The challenges of returns processing

At almost every ''Supply Chain Standard'' Roundtable over the past year or so, the conversation has come around to reverse logistics - the business of pulling goods back from some point in the supply chain, be it a distribution centre, a store, or a

Future trends in the supply chain

The use of temporary labour, dealing with seasonal peaks in demand, retaining flexibility and responsiveness, managing risk, and aligning a supply chain to best serve the customer, are all dynamic areas of supply chain management.

Understanding critical parts logistics

Maintaining a telecommunications network, IT system or an intricate piece of plant is a critical task for many enterprises. Ensuring that essential spare parts are in stock and available for field service engineers is of vital importance in fulfilling cus

Inventory:the great debate

No one ever got fired for having too much inventory, but they certainly have for running out of stock. With that warning from Professor David Simchi-Levi, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, ringing in their ears attendees at Supply Chain Standa

Challenges of the healthcare and life sciences sector

Late cancellations meant our November Roundtable discussion, supported by DHL-Exel Supply Chain, was somewhat bereft in quantity, but for quality this meant that our ability to drill down into some of the detail of a very idiosyncratic, not to mention lif

Supply chain challenges of multi-channel retailing

Retailers are facing increasing supply chain complexity. With growing competition from online retailers many leading high street players are adopting an integrated multi-channel retail strategy in order to meet the varied demands of the consumer. But such

Complexity and the extended supply chain

According to the World Trade Organisation the yearly real growth of world merchandise exports averaged six per cent in 2005 after outstandingly strong growth of 9.5 per cent in the preceding year. With such rapid growth in global trade and with consolida

Shaping the future of the automotive supply chain

Vehicle manufactures operating in the West face significant challenges, with static markets, over-production, price competition and high labour rates creating an environment of slim margins for both OEMs and suppliers alike. The supply chain will play a p

Defining the Gold Standard for S&OP

The complexities of managing and optimising the flow of materials, cash and information across the supply chain need to be mastered if a competitive position is to be defended. Nowhere is Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) more critical than in the CPG

The missing link in supply chain

Once goods leave the warehouse they can enter an information void, where suppliers and customers are left guessing on the status of their deliveries. How do you maintain real-time visibility of goods on the move and how do you use that information to make

Buying into Sustainable Global Sourcing

Supply chains are becoming more extended and complex as retailers move to sourcing goods on a global basis. Motivated by lower manufacturing costs, retailers and distributors are now confronted by greater complexity in managing the flow of goods to market

Calculating the Risks and Benefits of Automation

Committing to a warehouse automation project requires complete confidence in the forward strategy of the company, a full understanding of present and future supply chain requirements, a detailed knowledge of the product profiles being handled and importan

The challenge of innovation – balancing risk and reward

Applying innovative technology in an intelligent fashion can yield real benefits, but how do you identify a tangible application, assess the risks and justify the expenditure? Which particularareas merit focus and produce most value? Our roundtable panell

The challenge of Global Sourcing

The trend to globalisation shows no signs of weakening. The purpose of this round table debate was to explore some of the many challenges that global sourcing is throwing up for supply chain operations and for the wider business. By Sam Tulip

Developing management skills for supply

What competencies and skills are most useful for 'enlightened' management of the supply chain? Our round table looked for best practice in developing the right skill set. By Chris Lewis

Making ‘Labour Management’ work

Recruiting, retaining and motivating staff is a long-standing problem for logistics operations, made more acute, in the UK at least, by the current relatively high levels of employment. What makes a company good to work for?

Supplier network collaboration

The 21st Century is going to be very different in terms of how people relate to their 'supply chains'. That was the view of Sharon Boyes-Schiller of SkyScape Solutions, sponsors of this month's Logistics Europe Round Table discussion. By Sam Tulip

Exploring the middle ground

A Logistics Europe Round Table in June, supported by IBM and Intentia, discussed the challenges and opportunities facing midrange distributors in a fast changing business environment.

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