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Reducing the risk of sc transformation

Retailers and manufacturers are under immense pressure to increase the performance of their supply chains, so it is not surprising that many resort to tough tactics in response to growing competition.

Reducing the risk of SC transformation

Once companies have made an initial change investment, how do they optimise their supply chains and continually drive for incremental improvements in people and processes? Sue Pryce shows the way.

Speed reading at Waterstone’s

Waterstone’s, the UK’s largest specialist book seller, is making a major investment in its supply chain that will cut costs and radically improve the range and availability of books in stores and online.

Asos sets the fashion in logistics

Online fashion retailing is booming, but effective fulfilment is critical to meeting customer expectations of keen prices, fast turn-around times and a high level of service. Dan Meadows looks at how investment in logistics paid off for ASOS, one of the U

In Support of a Premium Brand

Unipart Logistics has been distributing Jaguar parts to the company’s dealers since 1984. Mike Varnom, director and general manager of Unipart Aftermarket Logistics explains how the company has kept pace with the iconic auto maker’s needs.

Technology’s Cutting Edge

Unipart Technology Logistics started ten years ago with a contract from computer company Hewlett-Packard to support engineers in the UK with a delivery service. Maurice Daw, managing director of the company, looks at the key trends affecting high technolo

Sharon And Kevin’s 50 Meter Dash

The last 50 metres between the stockroom and a retailer’s shelf remains one of the supply chain’s biggest challenges and contributes to problems of ‘high cost’ and ‘low availability’. Initiatives from the IGD and ECR have resulted in workable standards, b

The Inconvenient Truth of Retail’s New Focus

Retailers are shifting their focus away from out of town supercentres to more local stores in the middle of towns and shopping centres. And indications are that we may well be at the beginning of a ‘Convenience shopping’ revolution. But what are the imp

Lean, Mean Supply Chain Machine

Unipart has adopted lean logistics as a key element in meeting the very different objectives of customers across a broad range of industries. Nick Allen talks ‘lean’ with eight senior executives from the company

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