Friday 30th Oct 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

Tesco creates new supplier community

Tesco has launched a new platform designed to improve collaboration, innovation and sustainability across its supply chain.

The Tesco Supplier Network will enable 5,000 suppliers from across the world to connect directly with Tesco teams, learn more about Tesco and learn from each other on issues such as energy, food waste or innovation.


The Tesco funded site brings together two pre-existing communities; the Tesco Producer Network, which served fresh food producers, and the Tesco Knowledge Hub, which was open to branded manufacturing and processing suppliers.

Jason Tarry, head of commercial at Tesco said: “This new community of Tesco teams, suppliers and producers from around the world gives us the opportunity to improve communication, share ideas and continually improve the products that our customers enjoy. The network will play an integral part in our partnerships with suppliers to deliver for our customers.”


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