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Unilever tops European supply chain ranking

Unilever has come out top yet again in the European supply chain rankings, produced by research group Gartner.

unileverH&M was runner up with Inditex, Nestlé and Schneider Electric taking the next three places.

Unilever also took the number one spot in Gartner’s global rankings produced earlier this year. “Unilever has made supply chain a true partner to the business in delivering its broader Unilever Sustainable Living Plan, with the aim of doubling revenue and halving its environmental impact by 2020,” said Gartner.

The rankings use a number of metrics, notably return on assets, inventory turns, revenue growth and CSR. The overall score also takes into account peer opinion and Gartner opinion.

Unilever scored particularly strongly on inventory turns and CSR, while second placed H&M led the field in terms of return on assets and revenue growth.

Three new companies also made the supply chain top 15 ranking in Europe this year, with Bayer joining the list for the first time and Nokia and Ahold Delhaize re-joining after several years.

Supply Chain Top 15 in Europe for 2016

1                Unilever

2                H&M

3                Inditex

4                Nestlé

5                Schneider Electric

6                L’Oréal

7                BASF

8                BMW

9                GlaxoSmithKline

10              Nokia

11              Reckitt Benckiser

12              Diageo

13              British American Tobacco

14              Ahold Delhaize

15              Bayer

Source: Gartner

Stan Aronow, research vice president at Gartner, highlighted the impact of uncertainty in Europe following the UK’s decision to leave the European Union. “More than ever, leading organisations in Europe will need to optimise their supply chain functions and embrace bi-modal capabilities to drive growth and remain competitive in new markets. They will also need to deliver strategies that add real value to consumers, be mindful of new competitors capitalising on this period of uncertainty, and incorporate corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals into their supply chain strategy and operations.”

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