Wednesday 21st Oct 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

UPS: we’re a problem solver – not just a parcel carrier

UPS is aiming to reposition itself as more than just a delivery company with a campaign that focuses on its ability to solve problems for its customers – entitled United Problem Solvers. UPS chief George Willis is inviting customers to challenge the firm with their business problems.

“We’re transforming UPS from a logistics provider to a full-service partner that offers world class expertise and capabilities that help British customers increase revenue, improve cash flow, minimize lead time and reduce cost,” said George Willis, managing director, UPS UK, Ireland and Nordics.

The campaign forms part of a marketing strategy aimed at increasing its presence in the UK market, and will feature several real-life customer stories, including that of Gilo Cardozo, MBE, founder of Gilo Industries Group in the UK, who develops aviation and engineering products for recreational, commercial and military aviation customers.

Gilo relies on UPS for multi-modal transport options, customs clearance, consistent timely deliveries, and full supply chain visibility so his team can focus on doing what they do best, which is designing and building innovative engines, personal jetpacks and the world’s first practical flying car.

“The scope of UPS services has expanded significantly in the United Kingdom and around the world,” said Willis. “

UPS serves several industry segments, including healthcare, high tech, aerospace, automotive, retail, professional services and industrial manufacturing and distribution.

“UPS United Problem Solvers shows how our over 400,000 employees, including approximately 8,000 in the United Kingdom, solve problems with expertise and dedication to help our customers grow their business,” said Willis. “With this message, we’re inviting customers to challenge us with their business problems. We are confident that we can offer insights that will help them be more successful.”

The campaign’s television advertising debuts in the United Kingdom during Sky Sports coverage of the US Masters Tournament, of which UPS is a sponsor.

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