Sunday 27th Sep 2020 - Logistics & Supply Chain

World leading robotics specialists set for exhibition

World leading robotics and automation suppliers are lining up to exhibit at the Robotics & Automation Exhibition which takes place at the Milton Keynes Arena on 11-12th October.

The event offers visitors the opportunity to discover how the latest technologies can improve efficiency, and reduce costs.

These are just some of the companies that will be exhibiting at the event:


* Automata Technologies

* Automation Experts

* Axelent

* Bowe Systec

* Fortress Interlocks

* Fronius

* Guidance Automation

* ICS Robotics

* Konecranes


* LaMonde Automation Ltd

* Lucas Systems

* MacDonald Humfrey Automation

* Red Ledge

* Stockrail

* Sentek Solutions

* Tharsus


* Werma

The exhibition will also include a series of seminars looking at: The path to commercially optimised robotics; Removing the barriers of traditional automation; The automation journey in material handling; and How Digital Automation and Dynamic Work Optimisation Can Reduce Labour Costs In The DC and Meets Increased Demand For Speedy Shipping Among Consumers.

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